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Civil Service Family Protection Scheme Board

News and Updates

Work Placement
The Civil Service Family Protection Scheme Board has a Work Placement Programme intended to provide second year university students with the opportunity to acquire work experience.
In this context, the Board invites interested students who wish to be enlisted for short term placement at the Civil Service Family Protection Scheme Board to submit their applications. Work Placement for one student will be provided by the Board per calendar year on a “first come, first serve basis”.
Mode of Application: Interested students are requested to submit their application in writing or through email, addressed to the General Manager. 
A Brief on the Scheme
1.    Recently  a Brief on the Scheme  was sent by mail to all government employees through
2.    Officers of Parastatal Bodies who contributes to the Scheme were also sent a Brief on the Scheme  through the respective mail address of their organizations.
3.    Government Pensioners were also sent  a Brief on the Scheme  by post through the Accountant General when they received their annual pension payslip.
 The response in respect of the above was consequent. Many calls and queries have been answered and are still being answered. Respective stakeholders are advised to contact the office  on 2121781,2103503 or can visit our website for further details.
Life Certificates
Pensioners of the Civil Service Family Protection Scheme Board are advised that they should have submitted  their Life Certificates by the end of February at latest. Those who have not submitted their Life Certificates are advised to do so at the earliest.
Overseas Pensioners and Pensioners receiving their pensions through Embassies are informed that they have to submit their life certificates on a quarterly basis.


No of Pensioners/Contributors

 As at 30 June 2015, the Scheme reckoned some 50,968 active contributors.The number of beneficiaries as at 30 June 2015 amounted to 17,580.