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Waiving of Life Certificate for Local Pensioners

We wish to inform our pensioners that with effect from January 2020:

a)    All local pensioners (that is, those living in Mauritius) would henceforth not be required to submit a life certificate every year. However, they will be required to inform this office (either by phone, or by a letter sent by post or through email – about their departure and return dates whenever they intend to go abroad. If they stay for more than 3 months abroad, they will have to submit a life certificate on a quarterly basis as is presently the case for overseas pensioners;

b)   You may wish to know that a copy of an overseas life certificate may be downloaded from our website;

c)    Local pensioners whose marriages have been celebrated according to Muslim rites will have to submit a life certificate every year;

d)   The death of a local pensioner while staying abroad should be reported immediately to this office;

e)    Notes a) to d) above are applicable only to local pensioners. Overseas pensioners are required as is the current practice, to submit their life certificate on a quarterly basis. 

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