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General Information

Every public officer, on appointment, should contribute to the Civil Service Family Protection Scheme.
Every public officer, on appointment, should register his/her civil status documents at the office of the Board.
Every contributor/or a legal representative should notify the office of the Board of the following:

      • Date of civil marriage
      • Date of birth of child
      • Date of death of child
      • Date of birth of natural or acknowledged child
      • Date of death of spouse
      • Marriage of minor child
      • Death of contributor
      • Re-marriage of contributor while in service
      • Divorce of contributor

Upon death of contributor the following documents need to be accompanied for claim of pension:

      • Original birth certificate of husband, wife and minor children
      • Original civil marriage certificate
      • Original death certificate and photocopy
      • Original of affidavit and photocopy or a certified true copy
      • Bank Passbook and Identity Card of beneficiary in original and copy (if joint account is held, then Identity Card of joint account holder and a copy is required)
      • Pay slip or social security number of late contributor

Local beneficiaries are no longer requested to submit Life Certificates as from January 2020.However, beneficiaries residing overseas will still be required to sbmit  Life Certificates on a quarterly basis.

Where a child is above eighteen years but below twenty one years and is attending full time education in an approved institution, a certificate of enrolment and attendance is required from the institution, once yearly in February.

Pension is payable on Pay Day every month.

A claim for refund of contribution should be supported by the following documents:

      • Original of affidavit
      • Bank Passbook and Identity Card of contributor
      • Divorce certificate where applicable.
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